This year at Dew Tour you may find that taking home a win has become something of a family affair. In December, Dew Tour will play host to a group of families that are a little different than most, because in these families multiple members will be competing for a win in the snow and a spot on a snowboard or freeski podium. 

Healthy family feuding is alive on the slopes as little sisters come to the contest outranking their older siblings, little brothers make their Dew Tour debuts and three brothers battle it out to attempt a family sweep of the podium.

Get to know the competitive families below, and be sure to check out the Dew Tour Live Stream Dec. 12-15 for some healthy sibling rivalry at Breckenridge:

Jossi Wells / Byron Wells / Beau-James Wells

The Wells brothers have long been making a name for themselves at Dew Tour. Growing up in New Zealand these uber-talented brothers train, travel and ski together as much as possible. 


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Jossi Wells’ run from superpipe final, 2012 Dew Tour in Snowbasin, Utah


Bryron Wells’ run from superpipe final, 2012 Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado

This year, oldest brother Jossi will compete in both slopestyle and superpipe, but it's in the pipe where he will battle younger brothers Byron and Beau-James for the trophy.  

Beau-James Wells, Superpipe qualifiers, 2011 Dew Tour in Killington, Vermont

You can catch all of the Wells' madness on the boys' video series Winter of Wells.

Jeanee Crane-Mauzy / Jamie Crane-Mauzy

Sisters Jamie and Jeanee Crane-Mauzy are bubbly, blonde bursts of energy. On or off the snow, these two sisters are making the most out of life. 

Dew Tour vet Jamie is full of big tricks, as the first female to do a double flip in competition and the first lady to flip off a rail, Jamie is sure to bring it in Breck. We'll see what happens when she takes on little sister/training and travel buddy, Jeanee, in Women's Freeski Superpipe. 

Christian Haller / Ursina Haller

Swiss siblings Ursina and Christian Haller are serious shredders. These two snowboarders convince each other to try new tricks and push their boundaries.  Ursina likes to shred with her little brother because he dares her into new tricks!  We can’t wait to see what daring runs these two throw down in superpipe at Breck.

Christian Haller, Superpipe final, 2012 Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado

Ursina Haller, Superpipe semi-final, 2012 Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado

Ben Ferguson / Gabe Ferguson

Dynamos Ben and Gabe Ferguson are pushing the boundaries of snowboarding and making a name for themselves as progressive young riders. These Oregon natives will go head-to-head in the superpipe in Breckenridge. Older brother Ben might need to watch his back as Gabe is sure to come armed with an arsenal of big tricks for his Dew Tour debut. 

Ben Ferguson, Superpipe final, 2012 Dew Tour in Snowbasin, Utah

Spencer Shaw / Serena Shaw

Spencer and Serena Shaw are just half of an overall awesome snowboard family. Oldest sister Brooke and youngest brother Maverick can also be found out shredding with these two. While Spencer can be found in the halfpipe, Serena splits her time in the pipe and in the park. 

Both Shaws have had top-ten finishes at Dew Tour in the past. This year, Spencer comes ready to improve on his third place finish in superpipe last year in Breck; while Serena takes on superpipe and slopestyle hoping to break onto the podium for the first time!

Spencer Shaw, Superpipe final, 2012 Dew Tour in Snowbasin, Utah

Serena Shaw, Superpipe semi-final, 2012 Dew Tour in Snowbasin, Utah

Taylor Gold / Arielle Gold

It's not often an older brother wants to live up to his little sister, but Taylor Gold has found himself motivated by his younger sister's success. Arielle has recently achieved her biggest accomplishment to date by becoming the 2013 FIS World Snowboarding Halfpipe champion.

Arielle Gold, Superpipe semi-final, 2012 Dew Tour in Snowbasin, Utah

Arielle wouldn't be where she is today if older brother Taylor hadn't convinced her to switch from skiing to snowboarding when she was 7 years old. Arielle made the switch because of Taylor's ability to make the sport look so fun!

Both Gold's will be competing in superpipe in Breckenridge, both hoping to take home the win.  

Taylor Gold, Superpipe semi-final, 2012 Dew Tour in Snowbasin, Utah

Jessie Sharp / Kimmy Sharp

Twin sisters Kimmy and Jessie Sharp got their start on skis at just 2 years old. After skiing related injuries prevented Jessie from continuing on in competition skiing, she became the full time coach and number one fan of twin sister Kimmy.

Using their twin intuition, Jessie will surely help lead her talented sister Kimmy to the Dew Tour podium in superpipe this year in Breckenridge.

Kimmy Sharp, Superpipe semi-final, 2012 Dew Tour in Killington, Vermont

Ben Bright / Torah Bright

Australian Shredder Torah Bright is a well known Dew Tour name.  What most people don't know is that her older brother, Ben, is her head coach. These two world-class athletes have a close relationship that helps them switch from brother-sister to head coach-athlete with ease. 

Ben's snowboarding background and insight into his little sister has helped him create unique tricks and push Torah to her limits. They're an unbeatable pair and we can't wait to see what Torah brings to both superpipe and slopestyle this year in Breck.

Torah Bright, Superpipe final, 2012 Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado