The 2018 Dew Tour is excited to be back in beautiful Long Beach, CA, where we are determined to keep the city and community thriving. Building on our environmental achievements from 2017—including a 75% landfill diversion rate and introduction of the Dew Tour Eco-Lounge —2018 is all about leaving our legacy in the community. Read on to find out how we are using the power of skateboarding and action sports for social and environmental good. 

Fans around Dew Tour are doing their part to help the reduce waste around the event with options for food waste, recyclables or landfill. Photo: Ferdig

Recycling and Organics

Comprehensive landfill diversion efforts, including recycling and organics collection, will again be implemented throughout the venue, supported by our friends at the Conservation Corps of Long Beach (CCLB).  CCLB is a local organization dedicated to providing job readiness programs to help local young adults reach their career objectives. Say hello at one of the many CCLB recycle stations around the venue, or you can learn more about them in our Dew Tour Eco-Lounge. Remember, every time you do your part to recycle onsite, you are supporting their organization and providing more opportunities to their Corpsmembers!

Conservation Corps. of Long Beach workers hanging out in the Eco-Lounge on upcycled pallet furniture. Photo: Ferdig

Dew Tour Eco-Lounge

When the California sunshine becomes a bit too much and you need a place to cool off, come join us in the Eco-Lounge, powered by 100% renewable energy. Grab some shade, refill your reusable water bottle, and dive a bit deeper into our onsite initiatives with our program partners. This year, Dew Tour is partnering with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) on our “Plant-a-Board” initiative, where we will be collecting donations for a maple tree reforestation project, the primary wood used in skateboard deck manufacturing. Donating just $1 will help us plant one maple tree, enough to produce nine skateboard decks after the tree reaches maturity! If you help us contribute towards this important project, you will have a chance to win a t-shirt from our partners!

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Conservation Corps of Long Beach is a local organization dedicated to providing job readiness programs to help young adults reach their career objectives. Photos: Ferdig

Community Leadership

Finally, Dew Tour wants to be a leader in the Long Beach community. In addition to a strict vendor sourcing policy, we are working with Long Beach Recycles to eliminate Styrofoam from the event grounds. Upcoming local regulations will ban Styrofoam from all special events in the city, and we want to set the precedent for a responsible production to help the city reach its goals.

We are excited to see you out there!

Recycle at Dew Tour and support the Conservation Corps of Long Beach and their efforts to support their community! Photo: Ferdig

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