This year, we set out to reimagine the Dew Tour and make the event more about style and creativity. We started with the course, building our first modified Superpipe with hip entrances in and a waterfall hit to air out at the end.

Next, we broke the slopestyle course down into two sections including a Jump zone and Jib zone. The full field of 16 invited riders for the ski and snowboard competitions will session all three jumps, taking two runs each where the best score counts. Then they all move down to hit the jibs with the same best of two-run format before the overall slopestyle champion is crowned.

We also added a new Team Challenge competition and invited six of the best ski and snowboard brands to build a team of three riders they think have the best chance of domination on transition, jumps, and jibs.

Take a look at the full list of invited pros and brands who will be throwing down from December 8–11 at Breckenridge, Colorado here:

See the full livestream, competition, and event schedule here: