After the lights go off at Portland's Rose Quarter and the competitions at the Wendy's Invitational are done for the day, it's time for the Dew Tour after party.

With BMX dirt finals in the bag, plenty of riders were on hand at Barracuda last night, mixing it up and hanging out after a hard day of work on the dirt ramps.

However, the skaters were the star of the show – especially one in particular, Jordan Hoffart. While the Dew Tour after party was enjoyed by one and all, Hoffart had a drink in his hand and a smile on his face all night because promptly at 1am, Barracuda Nightclub was the host of the world premiere of Hoffart's full-length part in Adio's “Going Forward.”

Chis Troy
Chris Troy announcing the debut of Jordan’s Adio part.

With champagne flowing and a couple of quick speeches by Hoffart and friend and fellow Dew Tour skater Chris Troy – "Party on, Wayne." "Party on, Garth." – Hoffart's debut was a success.

Check out Hoffart’s part in “Going Forward” below