The Aura Lounge, at 1022 West Burnside, Portland, Oregon was the sight of the final night of the Dew Tour after parties. Seeing as it was Saturday, the night before the Wendy's Open Finals, there was some raging going down since many athletes were done with the competitions.

The Aura is a serious nightclub with a few dance floors, different rooms, on different levels for all sorts of debauchery, DJ's and even dancing girls. The BMX'ers and skateboarders co-mingled with the Portland locals. No one really left before 2 a.m., some were even forced to leave by the large security types.


Thanks to all the skate, BMX and moto fans of Portland, the official hosts of the Dew Tour’s extracurricular weekend events, Barracuda Nightclub and Aura Lounge, and of course thanks to the reason everyone was there in the first place, the athletes. Look out for the Dew Tour after parties at the next stop in Salt Lake, and I know there are a lot of frustrated Mormon Girls looking to release some pent up energy in that town!