By: Nick Lipton – When the Dew Tour wraps up it does so in style. A massive award show complete with cameras, jumbo-trons, hosts, Go-Go dancers, hot trophy girls, a DJ and more set up shop outside of Orlando's Amway Arena, and it was a sight to be seen. The award show attracted a huge audience as all the fans wanted an up close and personal glimpse of the Dew Tour's top riders. A huge catwalk stage surrounded by screaming fans provided the perfect set up for the gorgeous Magic basketball team dancers to prance around with athletes as they were given their awards.

First up the Dickies Open Qualifier champs were given their big fake checks. In BMX Josh Hult received the prize, and in Skateboarding it was Ryan Decenzo. This was followed by a whole lot of hoopla, lights, music, movies and more. After the hype up it was go time on the main event: the Dew Cups. BMX Dirt went to Ryan Nyquist, who brought his baby on stage. Ryan also won the PlayStation Pro Athlete award. In BMX Vert it was Jamie Bestwick who scooped up his fifth straight Dew Cup, and Jamie also snagged the Athlete of the Year award. In Skate Vert it was Bucky Lasek, who was awarded his third Dew Cup. Skate Park champ Chris Cole and BMX Park winner Garrett Reynolds both took home their first Dew Cups. To compliment the cups, giant checks and big gold Rockwell watches were also given to the winners. It must be nice to win a Dew Cup.

The award ceremony ended with a showering of free shwag. During the prize giveaway talk of Winter Dew could be heard and signed snowboards were given to a few lucky fans. With nothing more to give away and no champions left to crown it was time for Flo Rida, and that's when I ended up going deaf.

Flo Rida came on stage and O-town exploded. Girls, and guys, screamed for this man like nothing I've ever heard. Between the Orlando natives’ pure excitement to have Flo Rida in town and the fact that this man is a true entertainer, I think it's safe to say many voice boxes exploded that night. Flo would begin each new song with a story, act, or conversation and then blast into song after song of speaker melting hip hop. Flo Rida was a showman. He gave his phone number to the crowd, answered calls on stage, offered up his jewelry to the loudest fan, had a whole mess of little girls dancing and singing on stage, ran around in the crowd, and generally made his fans feel appreciated. It wasn't hard to tell that Flo was enjoying himself either. The man seemed to make an effort to strike stoic poses and smile upon the crowd as if he was king of the land. Eventually though it was time to end the concert, and after a few more autographs, and an outfit change (the man had been dumping water bottles on his head all night) Flo Rida hoped into his Escalade and headed off.

Your 2009 Dew Cup Champions

Nice watches

Ryan Nyquist’s Son, so cute!

Bucky Lasek – Skate Vert Champ

Chris Cole – Skate Park Champ

Jamie Bestwick – BMX Vert Champ (5 in a row!!)

Ryan Nyquist – BMX Dirt Champ

Garrett Reynolds – BMX Park Champ

Flo Rida

It takes a big man to hold up

The Crowd Loved Flo Horns

FLo Water

Autograph signing