The BMX Dirt finals saw a double backflip from Kyle Baldock and an opposite 1080 attempt from Brandon Dosch, both first time tricks for each guy. But it was the smooth riding of Dennis Enarson that landed him in the top spot when the competition came to a close.

The lead was changing hands between Enarson and Baldock as each guy dropped in for their run.

Enarson took the lead in his first run with a truckdriver down the roll in, barspin to tuck, cannonball to superman, tailwhip to long and low and a 360 suicide double truck off the last jump. But Baldock answered back with a massive flip whip and his signature style where he explodes with one banger after another.

"I'm not going against Dennis or anything like that," Baldock said. "I'm going against myself and what I want to do."

In today's competition, a double backflip was on his mind.

"I flipped it a few times and I'm like maybe, maybe not," Baldock said. "But being up here on the deck and seeing the runs people are doing, I knew I had to do something. So that was my first double back flip on dirt. I don't ride dirt at all and now I made it in for the season, so I'm so stoked."

Check out the video of Baldock’s run

It was hard to match that, but Enarson pulled through.

 "When I saw that, I was like, 'No way,' " Enarson said. "I looked at the score and we were still pretty close, so I figured if I added in a couple extra tricks it would work out. And I just barely got in front of him, so that was sick."

Watch Enarson’s last run

The 91.75 average of Enarson’s two best scores pushed Baldock into second with his final score of 91.44.

Defending Dew Cup champ Brandon Dosch finished third with 90.62.

"I didn't win today, but I had a great time on my bike and I nailed two runs and did a trick I've never tried on dirt before," Dosch said. "The Dew Tour's not over yet, it just started."

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Dennis Enarson – 1st Place

Kyle Baldock – 2nd Place

Brandon Dosch – 3rd Place

Chris Doyle – 4th Place

Ben Wallace – 5th Place

Brett Banasiewicz – 6th Place

Cameron White – 7th Place

Colton Satterfield – 8th Place

Jaie Toohey – 9th Place

TJ Ellis – 10th Place

Anthony Napolitan – 11th Place

TJ Lavin – Portland Invitational BMX Dirt Course Designer

Kyle Baldock

Chris Doyle and Jamie Bestwick

Kyle Baldock and BMX Dirt Fans

BMX Dirt Finals