After collecting a win in BMX dirt last night, Dennis Enarson chalked one up in the history books after winning again in Sunday’s BMX park competition at the Toyota Challenge. Nineteen-year-old Enarson now joins BMX veterans Ryan Nyquist and Ryan Guettler as the only riders who have ever won two Dew Tour disciplines at a single event.

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After watching Dennis ride, it looked like just another fun session at the park with his buddies, but he just happened to be killing it on the course. He took the lead in his first run after posting a 93.25 in a run that included a 360 tuck no-hander, a Superman seat grab barspin, an x-up fastplant and a ton of opposite tricks like his opposite truckdriver.

Enarson took the lead from his Nike 6.0 teammate and current Dew Cup champ Garrett Reynolds, who finished in second. Reynolds was showing his trademark technical and explosive riding with his 180 up the ramp to a half cab back down in his first run to earn a 91.24. In his second, he threw down a 360 barspin catch barspin to half cab and then a 720 barspin to fakie.

Daniel Dhers was the last to ride and dropped in charging with 720s both ways over the box to start things off. He also brought back his trademark frontflip over the spine in run one, but with such a high bar set by Enarson, his score of 90.50 only put him in third.

For Round Two, the standings remained intact throughout the entire heat with Enarson first, Reynolds second and Dhers third. In order to crack the podium, riders needed to post scores in the 90s, and although the guys made killer attempts, the top three were just that much better.


Other finals highlights included Mark Webb starting things off with a 900 every time, Jeremiah Smith showcasing technical riding in his third final of the season and Scotty Cranmer's no-handed frontflip and double tailwhip air transfer.

It was the youngest guy in the field that was also making a big impression on the course. Sixteen-year-old Pat Casey pulled a run worthy of a veteran after starting things off with a flair tailwhip and going on to land a tailwhip catch tailwhip and also a 360 barspin catch barspin.

After today's finals, the competition is really heating up going into the season finale in Las Vegas. With Dhers in the overall lead for points standings and a field of talented riders hungry for the Dew Cup, it could be anyone's game next month at the Dew Tour Championships.


1. Dennis Enarson, 93.25
2. Garrett Reynolds, 91.25
3. Daniel Dhers, 90.50
4. Scotty Cranmer, 89.50
5. Brian Hunt, 89.50

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