That's a wrap for BMX streetstyle here in Chicago. With temperatures climbing into the 80s today, 16 riders sweat it out battling for podium spots here in Grant Park, with Dennis Enarson ultimately emerging as the winner and reclaiming his streetstyle title.

This year marks the fourth year of Dew Tour streetstyle competitions, and Chicago featured a unique course relative to previous stops, with the flat surface really playing to the advantage of the more technical riders in the field, especially Enarson. The San Diego native proved to be the most versatile rider in handling the course. With big moves like a superman seatgrab barspin over the box, a big opposite whip over the end rail, topped off with technical tricks like a double tire ride to opposite whip off the flat rail, he was able to clinch the top spot.

“My first run was the run I wanted to do,” Dennnis said. “So getting that out of the way on my very first run, I was like, now all I’ve got to do is improve. But I didn’t land my other run, so thank god I got that very first run. It worked exactly how I wanted, so I’m stoked!”

Dennis and Garrett are regulars on the podium, but for Fernengel, it was his first time in the top three.

The win for Enarson didn't come with ease though. The event’s defending champion, Garrett Reynolds, brought the heat with hot moves like a 450 barspin over the hip, a 180 barspin to crooked grind to 180 out on the flat rail, topped off with a big opposite whip over the hubba rail, but it wouldn't be enough for the judges to place him above Enarson.

“I feel good,” Reynolds said afterwards. “My hand hurts, but I had a really good time riding, and now I’m just psyched to relax and go back to San Diego and chill.”

In third, it would be Detroit's Tyler Fernagel that would impressively snag a spot on the podium with highlights like a truckdriver off the drop-in to an opposite truckdriver over the box and a toothpick to 180 up a rail. To say he was pumped to take third would be an understatement.

“I’m so stoked, honestly I can’t even put it into words,” Fernengel said after hearing the results. “I never thought I would be on the podium at such a big contest with my two big brothers, Garrett and Dennis. I seriously couldn’t be any happier!”



1. Dennis Enarson, 90.50
2. Garrett Reynolds, 90.25
3. Tyler Fernengel, 88.25
4. Chad Kerley, 88.00
5. Kevin Peraza, 85.50
6. Dakota Roche, 84.75
7. Jeremiah Smith, 83.75
8. Gary Young, 83.75
9. Colin Varanyak, 83.25
10. Zack Gerber, 83.00
11. Drew Bezanson, 82.25
12. Matt Ray, 82.25
13. Chris Childs, 81.75
14. Ty Morrow, 80.75
15. Van Homan, 80.50
16. Brian Kachinsky, 79.25