BMX Dirt prelims started off the Toyota Challenge, the second to last stop of the Dew Tour and everyone was going off. Rob Darden took the top spot, leading the group of nine who will move on to meet the top three in current Dew Tour standings: Ryan Nyquist, with a lead of 16 points, Brandon Dosch, and Dennis Enarson. 

Rob Darden came out on top with 3’s over the gnarliest hips, 7’s middle of the set, and ending his run with a dialed 3 tuck. Nothing to say but so smooth.

Last year’s Dew Cup winner Cameron White came in a close second place. Cameron’s highlight run included a huge corked 720 off the last set. In person, watching this trick will make you gasp for air in amazement. TJ Ellis went off and rounded out the top three: wild decade, frontflips, backflips, and boosting 3 whips over the last jump.

Local young shredder Colton Satterfield used the hometown crowd to his advantage and took fourth place. Colton’s run consisted of some of the bigger tricks of the evening: 360 double whips, barspins and a crazy backflip whip to death!.. He was definitely walking away with a smile on his face. 

Josh Hult, another rider not too far from home (Idaho in his case), had a great day of riding, even with a hurt back.  Josh rode like he did when he took the first stop of the Dew Tour, and killed it in his second run with a 360 whip right into an opposite 360 whip. It was enough to land him in fifth and in the Finals. Can you say ambidextrous? 

Jamie Foster, the first rider to land a triple whip in a comp, took sixth place today. His run was packed full of whip variations and a truck to late downside whip.

Diogo Canina left his brakes in Brazil and killed it brakeless! Super floaty 3’s and backflip turndowns put him in seventh place.

Scotty Cranmer was pushing bright pink wheels into the set with a soft slow song in the background, and made it all work very well, starting his run off with a 360 into the roll in and huge huge tricks all the way through the set. Snapping 3 turndowns so smooth, Scotty took the hearts of all girls at the comp… and eighth place.

Rounding out the top nine that will move on into the Finals from today’s top 25 was Chris Gerber, double whipping everything in sight. With a line-up like this tomorrow nights finals under the lights is going to be amazing.