A huge crowd, falling temperatures and progressive urban snowboarding signaled a party on Main Street with Darcy Sharpe continuing his domination of the Dew Tour’s snowboard streetstyle event, taking the win with his flawless style.

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With a course as innovative as the varied field of competitors, crowds gathered early to watch riders go head-to-head in a jam format filled with hustle and creativity.  After an initial 15-foot freefall drop in, riders had their pick of obstacles from corrugated storm drains, to a half buried storage container, down to a classic flat double rail that finished out the course.

“They definitely got it right this year,” said an excited Sharpe. “Dew Tour always makes cool courses, but this one really allowed all of us to ride our best.”

Sharpe won streetstyle just hours after placing 2nd in the slopestyle semifinal. (Photo: George Crosland)

Taking his smooth Canadian style over one feature and onto the next, Sharpe threw down inventive transfers and technical tricks alike, wowing the crowd with tricks like a switch backside 360 creeper slide to switch 360 off. Among a slew of inventive moves, his clean switch 270 lipslide to 270 off on the bottom rail appeared all but effortless, impressing the judges enough to award him the win over a group of standout riders.

Local talent Dylan Alito and Seth Hill took second and third respectively, with Alito busting out ultra smooth frontside 270 tail slides and even a 50-50 to frontflip on a box-type obstacle.  Hill was arguably the most aggressive rider of the night, clocking more runs than anyone and performing the competition’s only backflip.

Breckenridge’s Seth Hill knew how to wow the locals. (Photo: George Crosland)

Finally, the best trick award went to Nial Romanek, as the Minnesota native pulled out a frontside 180 to switch nosepress to switch backside 180 out on the container, which happened to be the biggest rail feature on the course.

As only snowboard streetstyle will do, Downtown Breckenridge came alive tonight, providing a proper kickoff to what will surely be an exciting Dew Tour weekend.

Sharpe added to his streetstyle trophy collection. (Photo: Chris Ortiz)

Left to right: Nial Romanek, Eric Beauchemin, Dylan Alito, Seth Hill, Darcy Sharpe. (Photo: Chris Ortiz)

1. Darcy Sharpe
2. Dylan Alito
3. Seth Hill
4. Eric Beauchemin
5. Johnny O’Connor

Best Trick
Nial Romanek – frontside 180 to switch nosepress to switch backside 180 out on the container