Last year’s fan favorite event Snowboard Streetstyle returned to the streets of downtown Breckenridge as part of the Dew Tour iON Mounatin Championships, and once again the streets were flooded with spectators cheering on some of their favorite riders hucking themselves on a truly unique course.

Complete with railraod tie pole jams, a wallride feature with a pipe running across the top, a throwback Toyota Corolla fully painted, a dumpster to slide and even a fire pit gap with a fence to clear — this year’s streetstyle course stepped it up a serious notch. The obstacles featured truly represnted riding you would only see in the streets.

The streetstyle event format consisted of a 30-minute organized jam with 18 riders taking turns on the unique course being judged on their overall impression. There was both overall impression and a best trick awarded.

Coming into this years event were some returning athletes such as Seth HillSam Hulbert and last year’s champ Eric Beauchmin. In addition were some big names like Haldor Helgason, Jamie Nichols and Germund Bratten. The talent on the course had the crowds glued to the action and cheering on their favorites.

Following jam filled with incredibly technical tricks thrown on the tight course, it was Darcy Sharpe riding out of the event winning not only the overall but also the best trick! Sharpe held nothing back and managed to slide a frontside bluntslide across the dumpster feature before spinning 450 out.

Darcy Sharpe, frontside bluntslide 450 out

“[Streetstyle] is cool,” said Sharpe still in amaze that he took the win from the other heavy hitters in the lineup. “I like to see people not just hucking themselves. Except for a few people, obviously. It’s sick to keep street competitions in, it always shows more style involved in snowboarding,” claimed Sharpe. He went on to speak to the his excitement to ride with fellow competitors and praised thier efforts. “I love Halldor [Helgason], so it was sick riding with him. Everybody killed it!”

Be sure to check back shortly for complete results posted below and a photo gallery posted to the top of this article.


1st Place – Darcy Sharpe

2nd Place – Jamie Nichols

3rd Place – Ian Bol