By: Nick Lipton – With a score of 96.50 Danny Davis made Dew Tour history today. Danny stomped down his first run of the day, setting a new score record in a Superpipe Final. Previous to Danny's pipe slaughtering it was the ol' Flying Tomato (Shaun White) who held the Dew record, but those days are over, and Mr. Davis is the new king.

This Superpipe Final was a sight to be seen. Riders pushed their limits, flew high, crashed hard, and in some cases, rode away from some unreal airborne maneuvers. The most difficult of these maneuvers being the doublecork, and Danny's winning run had one, if not two, alongside a barrage of other complicated spins, flips and grabs.

Danny dropped into the pipe and launched a Cab 1080 doublecork off the first wall. Following a path of insanity Danny followed up with a giant frontside 1080, some 720s, and enough style and amplitude to make history. After his winning run Danny took a mellower approach towards his second, eventually falling, but cracking the coolest ollie I've ever seen at the bottom of the pipe.


The second-place finisher also had the high flying double-corks so pivotal in today's pipe game. Iouri "Ipod" Podlachikov had a huge Cab 1080 doublecork similar to Danny's, and landed that thing as perfectly as possible. If I could count the number of 1080s Ipod had in his combined runs I would, but let's just say Ipod has an easier time pulling 10s than anyone else in Breckenridge.

The last man to snag a podium spot was none other than hometown hero and former Olympian JJ Thomas. JJ, at home and riding his own pipe, found a way to gain speed that no one could match. Back to back 1080's, the biggest air of the day and a ridiculous amount of speed made JJ a crowd favorite and a 3rd place finisher.

Danny Davis 1st Place Run

Landing in 4th Mason Aguirre had a wild day. Mason's multiple 1080s, both switch and regular, and a whole bunch of other twists and turns reminded everyone just how good he is. Possibly embarrassing for Mason, but funny for everyone else was his second run slip up. Either due to a temporary brain fart or a simple slip up Mason launched himself out of the bottom of the pipe, into a light pole and eventually upside down in a crowd of people. Possibly leaving one lucky spectator with a nice scar, Mason came out this little mishap unharmed and with a double thumbs up.

The remaining riders all scored below the 80 mark, but there were some highlights. Both 5th and 6th places were taken by Breck' locals. In 5th Steve Fisher combined airtime with stylish spins. A lack of "big ticket tricks" was Steve's main reason for not placing higher.

In 6th Zach Black brought out plenty of quick spins, but slightly sketchy riding and a gnarly trip to the deck kept Zach out of podium contention. Ikka Laari dealt with some falls, but a huge double cork, which he landed perfectly, was a truly impressive sight and enough for 7th place. Norway's skate/snow sensation Fredrik Austbo didn't seem interested in anything but style, but style still earned him an 8th place finish. Even Fredrik's Cab 1080 is a thing of beauty, thrown with the slow and smooth rotation you'd expect from a 360 or 540.

Roger Kleivdal and Janne Korpi both proved they can spin, but without the amplitude and hammers others delivered these two ended up in 9th and 10th. In 11th Matt Ladley struggled to stay on his feet.

Matt's a young gun with a solid frontside 1080. Give him some time and he'll be a true threat. Finishing this list is Scotty Lago. Lago came in 12th, but he could have easily seen the podium. Not one to play it safe Lago blasted out of the pipe during both runs, and in both runs Lago got rocked while attempting some of today's hardest tricks.

After the contest the podium was setup and the media circus began. With the news of a record setting day Danny Davis was all fired up, "Dude I'm just stoked to land a run. I fell both runs last weekend so I'm just happy to have landed a run and I'm double happy to win ya know!" 

Top 3 in Superpipe

1. Danny Davis
2. Iouri Podlachikov
3. JJ Thomas

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