Today BMX park prelims consisted of tons of amazing riders. Everyone showed up and rode hard, from legendary veterans such as Ryan Nyquist to super young newcomers like 14-year-old Brett Banasiewicz. All of the riders were hucking big tricks all over the sick Dew Tour park.

Coming in first in the prelims was Daniel Dhers, who threw down a flawless run like always. Never would have guessed right? Dhers was cranking and pushing himself with 720 variations, big 360 whip on the step down, a flair whip on the mini, and a 360 no footed can can over the box.

In a close second place was 14 year old Brett Banasiewicz. This little kid KILLED IT and was super smooth. He rode hard and put down a great run that included corked 720, triple whip, and a front flip over the box backwards.

Third place went to Nike 6.0 rider Dennis Enarson.  Dennis had a great run that was packed full of energy. He started his run with a double peg up-and-over the rainbow rail to barspin out, and also nailed a flair and a super massive tuck o the upper mini.

Rob Darden took fourth by landing a 360 barspin to x up on the… step down. Yeah. He also had a big 720 x up over the box, and a 360 x over the box backwards, right into a 360 tailwhip.

Ryan Nyquist, the legendary veteran landed in a strong fifth place, part of the top nine that will move into tomorrow’s Finals. He started his run with double bar 360 on the step down of death, and also threw down a 720 barspin over the box, and a big opposite five.

Sixth place went to Brandon Dosch with massive clicked turndown, and sticking a barspin to tailwhip, and a foot jam on a five-foot sub box.

Brain Hunt landed in seventh with a great first run. Superman over the seven foot man spin, barspin to late whip over the box jump, and a double seat grab no footer on the step down.

Eighth place was Gary Young, who made it happen, landing 360 x up on the step down, wallslap, opposite one-footed 360 double pegging the rainbow rail to tire tap, gnarly clicked turndown over the spin to box gap and a 360 turndown over the man spin.

Ninth place, and the last person to qualify into the BMX Park finals, was Mark Webb. This kid was going off with an insane run. He landed a insane decade to late 360, and landed it PERFECTLY. He also landed super technical spin combos, and a huge 360 invert to bar over the spin.

All the riders killed it, and are ready to face the current top three in Dew Tour standings: Garrett Reynolds, Dave Mirra, and Marcus Tooker. Watch out for what is to happen at tomorrow’s BMX park finals.