Today’s Toyota Challenge BMX Park Finals were explosive. All of the rider’s runs where solid and technical, and the packed stands were cheering hard for the show they put on. In the end, Daniel Dhers ended up back where we expect him: on top. But, right behind was Garrett Reynolds, who now has a comfortable lead in the overall Dew Tour standings.

First place went to Daniel Dhers with an amazing run. Daniel had a trick for every hit: barspin flair, 360 barspin backwards over the box, right into a 360 backflip tailwhip, twisted 720 over the street spin, and a 360 whip on the step down.

Coming in second was Garrett Reynolds. Garrett doubled the number of tricks you might think are possible in one air with combinations like tuck to barspin to x up over the street spine, big flair off of the Nike 6.0 bank to jersey, and a barspin to wallride on the step up. With the win, Garrett secures his top spot in the Dew Tour standings, and has a 22 point lead over Mirra, and a 42 point lead over Dhers, meaning that Dew Cup is well within reach.

Third place went to 14 year old Brett Banasiewicz. Riding his DK bike in only his second Dew Tour Finals, Brett was cranking around his entire run, landing a corked out 720, frontflip tuck, opposite flair, flair tailwhip in the five foot mini, and ending with a perfect 720 on the massive step down.

Ryan Nyquist followed in fourth, pulling out truck drivers backwards over the box, a 720 barspin, a 540 truckdriver on a huge quarter, a backflip barspin, and spinning the box transfer with a heavy dip set 360 bar.

Not sure if it was the Vans shoes or what but Mark Webb dropped in with a great run that earned him fifth. 360 invert, 540 tailwhip, flair on the bank to jersey, and his own insane decade to 360 over the main box, also muscled around a 900 and a 720 turndown.

Dave Mirra the legend who shared the lead in overall Dew Tour standings with Garrett going into today, landed in sixth with a flawless brakeless run. He did a backflip the the step down, a large 540 tailwhip, bar to tuck, and showed what perfection is by ending his run with a dialed 720.

Seventh place went to Rob Darden with tricks like truck driver to x up on the stepdown, 720 barspin, big turndown on the street spin to box jump transfer.

Brian Hunt dropped in with a floaty double seat grab no footer, no hand 360, tuck no hander drop in, 540 on the 10 ft quarter, and a double tailwhip over the street spine. It was enough to get him eighth place.

Ninth place went to Brandon Dosch, who rode well all day, landing a double whip, 360s all over the park, and a big foot jam on the 4 foot sub box.

Rounding out the final twelve was Dennis Enarson in tenth, Marcus Tooker in eleventh, and Gary Young. Dennis rode well, pulling an amazing backflip tailwhip on the big step down, but just could not hold everything together.

Marcus had lines all over with tricks like double truck driver from spin to box, a bike flip, and a 720 over the monstrous spin.

Gary Young landed in twelfth with his fast, smooth riding. He landed a clicked lookback 360, turndown 360, and a 360 whip.