Curren Caples, Louie Lopez and Alec Majerus – all of Flip Skateboards – dominated the podium at the first Dew Tour skateboard streetsyle event to hit the Midwest in Chicago.

For Lopez, it was his first streetstyle event, and his second run was an all-out assault on the course, as he ripped through each obstacle and took the lead away from Kelvin Hoefler. He held the top spot all the way up until the second-to-last run of the contest, when Caples dropped in for his final run.

Caples has been on streetstyle podiums in the past, but this time he came through in the clutch to take his first victory in any Dew Tour event. To win, he did an ollie off the container, method over the pyramid, kickflip up onto the trailer, nosegrind on the trashcan, back Smith on the flat bar, lien to tail smack over the door, gap up front feeble on the flat bar and then a gap noseblunt to cap it off.

Lopez (left), Caples (center), Majerus (right) earn the top three spots.

Lopez’s run held up for second place and featured a 180 on the drop-in to half Cab over the gap, back 3 nose grab over the hip, Smith on the trash can, feeble on the rail, frontside air on the quarterpipe, front feeble, tre-flip, then a hurricane down the final rail.

Like Caples, Majerus had competed in streetstyle at past Dew Tour stops, so he knew what it took to get on the podium as well. His third-place run consisted of a tuck-knee over the pyramid, Indy over the hip, back nosegrind on the bump-to-ledge, nosegrind on the bump-to-rail, back 3 on the bump-to-bump and a kickflip to 50-50 on the last rail.

Behind the trio of Flip teammates, Kelvin Hoefler – who held the lead at the end of everyone’s first run – and hometown hero Chaz Ortiz rounded out the top five.

The course was set up on a smooth surface with a drop-in at the start and another quarterpipe/drop-in halfway though the course for additional speed, along with some well-placed, speed-generating humps added in. Although slightly different than past setups, the skaters – including David Gonzalez, returning from injury and known for one of the gnarliest parts of all time – enjoyed the course.

“This one you push hard, and that made it tougher, but it was fun,” Majerus said of the course. “A good setup with a bunch of good ramps.”

After a great event here in Chicago, streetstyle will return in Los Angeles at the next Dew Tour stop in August. But that’s not a wrap on Dew Tour Chicago yet. The event will close out on Sunday with skateboard street, a contest which will feature four of the top five riders from this competition – Lopez, Majerus, Hoefler and Ortiz.

Skateboard street will stream live on beginning at 4:30 p.m. ET on Sunday.



1. Curren Caples, 92.00
2. Louie Lopez, 91.00
3. Alec Majerus, 89.00
4. Kelvin Hoefler, 88.00
5. Chaz Ortiz, 85.00
6. Ryan Decenzo, 81.75
7. Tommy Fynn, 80.50
8. David Gonzalez, 76.75
9. Milton Martinez, 76.50
10. Taylor Bingaman, 76.25
11. Chris Pfanner, 74,75
12. David Gravette, 74.50
13. Dane Burman, 64.50
14. Clint Walker, 64.50
15. Ben Raybourn, 60.75
16. Nick Merlino, 54.75