It’s an honor to have artist Cooper give his touch on this year's summer Dew Tour Long Beach event. Cooper's art will be featured in our Long Beach logo, embody our courses and festival layout, and on our up and coming summer merchandise. Be sure to experience Cooper's art at Dew Tour Long Beach, June 13-16!

Hailing from Indiana and now resides in Los Angeles, California Andrew Cooper has had quite the career path within the past few years. Get to know Cooper in a short interview below.

Name where you are from and where you live now?
My name is Cooper. I am an artists/designer/painter originally from a small town outside of Evansville, Indiana. I now live and work in Los Angeles, California.

How did you get involved with Dew Tour?
I got involved with Dew Tour by competing with Secret Walls at the Dew Tour last year. Secret Walls is a live 90-minute art battle between two teams of three artists. Each side has 90 minutes to paint their canvas and the crowd judges at the end which side they like better. Our team lost last year, but I will be competing in Secret Walls again this year. Watch out.

What is your process as an artist?
My process as an artist can be different depending on what kind of project I am working on. Usually any canvas or mural will consist of a few drawings, then I pick one and start to color map the piece. After I get the colors down I will then start painting. Sometimes when I am in the process I might switch something up as I go given the circumstances of the situation.

What does Dew Tour Bring to the community?
Dew Tour brings a lot to the community. It brings all kinds of people from nearby to get together and celebrate the talents of many skateboarders and artist. It can also be hard for an artist such as myself to get their work out there. Dew Tour gives me a chance to showcase my work on a large platform.

What is your favorite part of the Collaboration?
Working with Andy Baker, the animator is something that has been really fun. Going frame by frame drawing out the scenes and learning the process has been awesome. It's almost hard to say my favorite part, I have really enjoyed the entire process of bringing and watching everything come to life.

How is it Working with Andy Baker?
It's been amazing working with Andy. I came across Andy's work last summer and would watch it on repeat imagining one day that I would have the opportunity for him to bring my own world to life in a 3D cartoon world.

Andy Baker x Cooper video animation coming soon!