For the third consecutive year, Dew Tour brings back its Team Challenge competition to Breckenridge Ski Resort. This year's Team Challenge Competition will be split into two days with the ski brands competing on Thursday, December 13th and Snowboard brands competing on Friday, December 14. Scroll down below to get the first look at the Team Challenge brands and the rosters filling out each discipline.

Snowboard Teams

Team Captain: Bjorn Leines
Jib Rider: Frank Jobin
Jump Rider: Stale Sandbech
Modified Superpipe Rider: Rene Rinnekangas

Team Captain: Danny Davis & Red Gerard
Jib Rider: Takeru Otsuka
Jump Rider: Mark McMorris
Modified Superpipe Rider: Ben Ferguson

Team Captain: Chris Grenier
Jib Rider: Jesse Paul
Jump Rider: Judd Henkes
Modified Superpipe Rider: Ryan Wachendorfer

Team Captain: Knut Eliassen or Jeremy Jones
Jib Rider: Marcus Kleveland
Jump Rider: Sven Thorgren
Modified Pipe Rider: Markus Keller

Team Captain: Iikka Backstorm
Jib Rider: Sebbe De Buck
Jump Rider: Mons Roisland
Modified Pipe Rider: Toby Miller

Team Captain: Scott Stevens
Jib Rider: Johnny O'Conner
Jump Rider: Nik Baden
Modified Pipe Rider: Chase Josey

Ski Teams

Team Captain:
Jib Rider: Alex Beaulieu-Marchand
Jump Rider: McRae Williams
Modified Pipe Rider: Hunter Hess

Team Captain: Jossi Wells
Jib Rider: Gus Kenworthy
Jump Rider: Fabian Bosch
Modified Pipe Rider: Beau James Wells

Team Captain:
Jib Rider: Alex Hall
Jump Rider: Mac Forehand
Modified Pipe Rider: Antti Ollila

Team Captain: Joss Christensen
Jib Rider: Colby Stevenson
Jump Rider: Ferdinand Dahl
Modified Pipe Rider: Birk Irving

Team Captain:
Jib Rider: Henrik Harlaut
Jump Rider: Torin Yater-Wallace
Modified Pipe Rider: Tanner Hall

Team Captain:
Jib Rider: Jesper Tjader
Jump Rider: Evan McEachran
Modified Pipe Rider: Aaron Blunck