4 Seasons Skatepark in Milwaukee hosted a doubleheader event over the weekend with BMX park taking place in the second half of Saturday. Riders came from all over the Midwest and even Australia for the chance to compete in the Ocean City finals on the Dew Tour course in August. The level of riding was impressive in both the Junior Jam and Open Division groups, making it tough for the judges to decide on winners.

BMX Park

Every corner of the Midwest was represented within the field of competitors, plus we had a handful of Aussies who have been touring around, hitting up multiple Free Flow events.  Earning the top spot and one of the three spots in next month’s Free Flow Finals was Colton Walker. The 15-year-old dropped jaws with a flip whip, flip bar, 360 double whip, decade and a 360 tuck.

"Winning this contest is unbelievable,” an excited Colton told us. “I can't wait for the finals, its going to be so awesome!"


Colton Walker, flipwhip

2nd place went to Chicago native Don Rich. Don rode with so much power and finesse all day, qualifying 1st in the opening round of competition and hitting parts of the course no one else touched. Some of his more notable maneuvers included a triple whip on the box jump and a 360 suicide bar to bar. 19-year-old Jake Hinke held down the 3rd place spot with a flair on the 10 foot quarter, flip whip, flip tuck, and a ridiculously smooth 720 over the box jump.

Don Rich, tailwhip step-up

Junior Jam

The 13 and under bunch ripped through the box line and entire park, showing that the future of BMX was in good hands. 13-year-old Jai Bradley from Melbourne, Australia rode with strong style and flow, blasting big tailwhips and barspins over the box jumps and putting his stamp on every other feature in the park. It was Jai’s second Junior Jam win in as many weeks after topping the division the previous week at Woodward East.



  BMX Park Junior Jam
1. Colton Walker Jai Bradley
2. Don Rich Nathan Halahan
3. Jake Hinke Lukas Halahan
4. Corey Hahn Keegan Rowley
5. Alex Rode Mike Montley

Open division top three

Junior Jam top three