The Free Flow Tour was back in Milwaukee once again over the weekend for one of the last contests of the season before the finals at Dew Tour. Hoping to earn a spot at the finals in San Francisco, skaters came from near and far. As we’ve come to expect over the years at 4 Seasons Skatepark, the level of talent on display was impressive, creating many tough decisions for the judges.

Skate Street

A 53-skater field was whittled down to the best ten for the final round of competition. All of the finalists were incredibly skilled wood-pushers, all worthy of a spot in the San Fran finals.  In the end, it was 14-year-old Cole Wayka who pretty much did every trick on every obstacle.  Cole stomped a switch ghetto bird on the big hip, hardflip over the a-frame rail, kickflip front board on the bank-to-rail, back lip the down bar, crooked grind up the a-frame ledge popping into the wedge, as well as a slew of other tricks that had the crowd losing their minds.

"This contest was so much fun,” the Wisconsin native said afterwards. “To win is amazing, since everyone was so good today."

Open division top three

2nd place went to a familiar face, Miles Canevello, a kid who’s made it to the Free Flow Finals many times in the past. Miles took home a very respectable third-place at Finals in 2011, and if last weekend’s performance was any indication, he’s stepped his game up even more this year. The 19-year-old skated parts of the park no one else hit and did tricks that guys who work at 4 Seasons said they've never seen anyone do.

Miles' powerful pop helped him back smith the back of the spaceship feature, as well as land a back tail, nosegrind stalefish the hip ledge, back 180 transfer from the big wedge to the small quarter, and front feeble the down rail – all with strong style that made you want to skate something after watching him shred the park to pieces. Miles’ podium placing earns him a spot in Finals and another shot at grabbing the championship.

Miles Canevello

Alex Barnett rounded out the podium in 3rd place with a 270 board slide on the bank to flat bar, feeble the down rail, frontside flip over the a-frame rail all with good original style and flow.

Junior Jam

The 13 & under skaters kicked the day off with the Junior Jam division. Australia's own Jack O'Grady took the top spot, skating everything in the park and busting a 360 shuv over the pyramid, kickflip over the a-frame rail, kickflip 50 the a-frame ledge, and feeble on the bank to flat bar.

Junior Jam top three


  Skate Street Junior Jam
1. Cole Wayka Jack O’Grady
2. Miles Canevello Billy Teska
3. Alex Barnett Austin Bland
4. Corey Glick Ryan Helm
5. Jason Siebert Kevin Dykstra