The Dew Tour Beach Championships in Ocean City, Maryland recruited the legends of skate once again for a throwback display of style and trick variety in a way that only the legends of the sport are capable of displaying!

With ten invited legends competing together in one heat, each skater took four, 35-second runs with only the best score counting toward their overall result.

Chris Miller

For the previous two Skate Legends Bowl events in years past, Chris Miller has reigned supreme as he has maintained his renown reputation as the man to beat in the bowl – but that would prove not be an easy feat for anyone.

Steve Caballero

The legend event this year showcased exactly what makes these guys legends. Eddie “El Gato” Elguera threw down his own Elguerial, a fakie back-handed 360 invert, as well as his frontside rock and roll. Duane Peters, aka the Master of Disaster also pulled a few acid drops he's known for making famous. Then, what may have been the best treat of all, Mike McGill impressed the crowds with his own McTwist, a backside inverted 540 with a mute grab!

Mike McGill

Despite all the greatness showcased by all the guys competing, Miller's high speeds and sheer style was untouchable. With giant backside and frontside airs into the corners and backside lipslides, Miller's earlier runs would allow for him to do a victory lap in the end – for the final drop it was Mr. Miller Time!

“It feels so rad! Of course, I’m stoked to win but just to skate with everbody and to do what I wanted to do was awesome,” said the stoked but humble Miller. He went on to comment about his competition and watching his friends pull out the tricks they each invented and made popular, “It was inspiring!”

Bowl Legends Final Podium



1st Place – Chris Miller – 87.50

2nd Place – Steve Caballero – 86.00

3rd Place – Mike McGill – 84.25

4th Place – Christian Hosoi – 84.25

5th Place – Tony Magnusson – 76.25

6th Place – Eddie Elguera – 74.50

7th Place – Duane Peters – 70.75

8th Place – Lester Kasai – 70.75

9th Place – Steve Alba – 65.75