#WhoTheFUCKisChrisCorning?! That is the hashtag to check if you aren't already in the know.

Coming into Dew Tour Breckenridge, Chris Corning made his rounds around the various stations that make up athlete registration, and he did it with an attitude of comfortable confidence. At the time Corning was on a serious roll with contest results. Of course he was looking comfortable.

The month before Dew Tour Breckenridge, Corning stunned the competition at the FIS World Cup event in Milano, Italy to start off the competition season with a win and boost of confidence. Then, just one week before Dew Tour, Corning earned second place in the Big Air event at the Copper Grand Prix which helped to officially start him on his #RoadToPyeongChang by earning valuable Team USA qualifying points and finishing as the top American. (After Corning finished second at our slopestyle event later in the week he had officially locked in a spot on the Olympic team.)

Chris Corning in the place where he seems to be most comfortable, sending it high in the air. Photo: Crosland

Still, we were suspicious as to just how comfortable he looked while wading through the registration line. So, we pulled him out of the line and asked him to empty his pockets onto the table and answer a couple of quick questions. His pockets were filled and our questions were loaded. Corning didn't disappoint by any means.

When asked to tell all about his social media habits, Corning fessed up without reservation. First off, he was quick to admit that Instagram was by far his platform of choice. Why?

"Because I have the most followers on it!"

Corning couldn't help but laugh while answering with such honesty.

Next we asked him if he ever finds himself binging on the Instagram feed. Again, he replied candidly, "Sure, I guess anyone would." Next we asked him if he has any social crushes that he follows, to which he quickly replied that he did not. We followed that up with a question regarding any hashtags he finds himself checking regularly. #WhoTheFUCKisChrisCorning?!He burst out laughing as he spit out that answer.

Finally we asked him what his all-time guiltiest pleasure was with regard to his social media habits. Corning answered, "I like to see the notifications pop up on my phone." That was the honesty we were looking for!

To close a quick couple of questions, we asked corning to turn his pockets inside out so we could pick him apart one last time. Take a hard look at the contents on his person in the photo below as we lay it out in text in order of our interest.

The most interesting items came inside a plastic bag. Corning was carrying combination of Tylenol and three other pills that nobody knows how to pronounce (or spell). Next was the folded up piece of paper that had the directions on how and when to take each pill. Apparently that was needed. Then came the key ring. On the ring was a camo-colored pocket knife, to keep him ready for anything, an American flag themed house key, proving his patriotism, and his Toyota car keys.

After the keys our eyes gravitated to the leather Dickies wallet, before we quickly examined his iPhone 8 protected by the infamous LifeProof case. Matching the theme of his hat, Corning was also carrying a couple of Rockstar patches in his pockets, just in case. Finally we found his hotel room key and a Cliff Bar wrapper he kept clenched in the photo.

Yeah, his pockets were packed!