Chris Cole beat fellow Dew Tour competitor Paul Rodriguez in the Battle of the Berrics 2 sponsored by Stereo Skateboards. Chris and P-Rod were both expected to make the finals in the field of thirty-two skaters that battled in a flat ground game of skate taking place at the Berrics skatepark over the last six months.

Cole had the tougher route to the finals beating out Mike V, Dennis Busenitz, Heath Kirchart, and the formidable Torey Pudwill. P-Rod took out Kelly Hart, Gilbert Crockett, Danny Garcia, and 3rd place finisher Cory Kennedy.

P-Rod won the official Row-Sham-Bow start with paper over Chris's rock but Chris was able to give Paul the first letter in the match. Soon after P-Rod took control and surgically went to work giving Chris letters S-K-A-T and had Chris on the ropes having to make a fakie inward heelflip or lose the battle. Missing the first try Chris did not buckle under the pressure and cleanly pulled on the last try. A miscue by Paul gave Chris control of the match and he went to work giving P-Rod letters K-A-T and eventually won with a 360 ollie kickflip. This match seriously lived up to the hype. Congratulations to Chris and P-Rod for making the finals. Go to the Berrics is you want to see all the action.