Chris Cole Takes Street League Skateboarding Reigns at X Games Munich

Chris Cole wins his first-ever X Games gold medal in Street League Skateboarding (SLS) earning eight points more than his second placing opponent Paul Rodriguez. With the buzz around this final international stop of the 2013 SLS as to who will take the top spot with Nyjah Huston knowingly out of the running? It was Coles high technicality of tricks such as 270 frontside blunslide on the tall flat bar, kickflip backside nosegrind down the hubba, 180 switch crooked on the hubba as well as numerous flip tricks throughout his runs, Cole was clearly the best in class this weekend. Check out Cole’s highlights from X Games Street League Skateboarding in Munich, Germany and the complete results below.


1st Place – Chris Cole 51.30

2nd Place – Paul Rodriguez 43.30

3rd Place – Luan Oliveira 41.10

4th Place – Sean Malto 39.50

5th Place Torey Pudwill 39.50

6th Place – Shane O’Neill 34.30

7th Place – Ishod Wair 15.20

8th Place – Peter Ramondetta 5.80

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