Dew Cup winner Chris Cole did it again at Maloof Money Cup street, but this time it was on NY soil for the first time. Cole’s 360 kickflip to frontside 5050 was just one of his effortless move across one of the ledges. The course’s concrete plaza will finally become a permanent part of the community and Cole, who’s from the East Coast himself, was supportive of that. He said he looks forward to seeing what the Maloof’s will do at the next event across the country, in Orange County, CA this August.

See the pro’s full contest results below, and top three on the am side of things.

Highlights From Maloof Money Cup NYC

Maloof Money Cup NYC 2010 Pro Finals Video

Maloof Money Cup NYC World Industries Am Contest Video

Pro Results

  1. Chris Cole
  2. Paul Rodriguez
  3. Torey Pudwill
  4. Bastien Salabanzi
  5. Sean Malto
  6. Sierra Fellers
  7. Ryan Decenzo
  8. Peter Ramondetta
  9. Greg Lutzka
  10. David Gonzalez
  11. Keegan Sauder
  12. Caswell Berry

Am Final

  1. Felipe Gustavo
  2. Tom Asta
  3. Gilbert Crockett