Chaz Ortiz is always impressive. Be it in the streets or a contest scenario, Chaz’s skating is undoubtedly impressive and always gets respect. Considering he has already taken second at both Tampa Pro and Street League Skateboarding’s (SLS)  Kansas City stop plus a third place at the SLS Ontario Stop, it is due time for Chaz to drop some video heat on the competition. Below is a teaser to Chaz’s new Zoo York video soon to release, “The Chaz Ortiz Video.” Also coming soon, Chaz Ortiz’s Alli Show will be dropping shortly here on Alli Sports on July 25, so keep your fingers primed in the coming weeks!


“ZOO YORK proudly presents The Chaz Ortiz Video, an exclusive full-length part of raw street skating from Z.Y. Official Chaz Ortiz. Watch it 7/10/12 at