The Dew Tour’s Toyota City Championships took their street competition and created a San Francisco-inspired course featuring world famous spot replicas such as hubba hideout, the China banks, 3rd and Army manual pads, the Pier 7 stairs with manual pad and they even included a DIY bank! This course will be remembered as not only the most creative but also historic courses as some of those spots are no longer skateable.

After an iconic session, Chaz Ortiz skated away with the highest score and will have the pleasure of skating last during tomorrow’s finals that will include the top twelve from the semi-finals. Ortiz, nicknamed Steez Ortiz, skated with such technicality in the first heat that nobody in the remaining six heats was able to take him down from the top spot. Coming in hot with a kickflip back lip down the big rail, Ortiz followed it up with another effortless kickflip front feeble on the second rail. Ortiz also threw in a stylish 360 flip boardslide on the bump to bar in another run showing his flip-in variety. With only a matter of hours before he takes to the course again for the finals, you can count on Ortiz’s smooth skating to return with that much more energy. 

Chaz Ortiz

Qualifying second was the youngest skater on the course, but age has proven to not be a factor for Nyjah Huston as he has become the most winning skater in recent years and is recognized for skating the biggest obstacles around. Slaying the big rail, Huston laid down an overcrook right into a bigspin front board on the second rail before moving onto the hubba in later runs. Without a single warm-up trick during practice, Huston took to the hubba throwing down everything from kickflip backside tailslides to backside 180 nosegrinds and he almost capped off his run with a hardflip 5-0 — look for that one in tomorrow morning’s finals.

Nyjah Huston

Rounding off the top three for the semi-finals was the grizzly Torey Pudwill. Pudwill has a knack for not only skating the big obstacles but also for getting tech on everything in between. Pulling backside smith down the hubba on his way to a lipslide on the Pier 7 ledge, Pudwill returned to the big set in later runs to land a backside 360 as well as a nollie kickflip. Expect Pudwill to bring it all in the finals as this course has the perfect variety for him to pull lines that only he is capable of.

Torey Pudwill

With other big names returning to skate in the finals such as Paul Rodriguez, David Gonzalez, Ryan Decenzo, Taylor Bingaman, Manny Santiago and a handful more, the anticipation for tomorrow morning’s finals is sure to keep most up throughout the night with excitement. Be sure to tune-in tomorrow to NBC at 1:30p.m. EST (10:30a.m. here in San Francisco) to watch as the best skaters do battle to take the Dew Tour title. Semi-Finals results posted below.

David Gonzalez


1st Place – Chaz Ortiz 90.50

2nd Place – Nyjah Huston 88.00

3rd Place – Torey Pudwill 87.00

4th Place – David Gonzalez 83.75

5th Place – Paul Rodriguez 83.25

6th Place – Milton Martinez 83.25

7th Place – Manny Santiago 80.25

8th Place – Felipe Gustavo 78.25

9th Place – Ryan Decenzo 76.75

10th Place – Taylor Bingaman 75.25

11th Place – Kelvin Hoefler 75.00

12th Place – Fabrizio Santos 73.75