The day before Chaz Ortiz turned 19 years of age, Lil’ Wayne announced him as the newest, and only, member to skate for his new shoe line, Spectre by Supra

Lil’ Wayne has made his way into the skate industry by way of a few YouTube videos showing him dropping in and popping shove-its, building public skateparks, picking up sponsors such as Supra and even starting his own brands in the space with Trukfit and Spectre. In case you are a little curious as to how all these skate oriented brands and collaborations all came to be, watch the video below with Lil’ Wayne talkin’ Trukfit, Supra, Spectre and more posted by MTV STYLE  – who knew the name Trukfit was so literal? Oh yeah, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Chaz Ortiz rockin’ his fresh Spectre kicks in the streets and in the competitions to see how they look in action!