By: Nick Lipton – Chas Guldemond does things in a dramatic style, and his entrance into the snowboard industry was no different. As an unknown Chas snagged second place in the 2006 US Open Slopestyle contest. Since his breakout Chas has been pocketing oversized checks left and right while simultaneously raising the bar in Slopestyle competition. This New Hampshire native even left a permanent mark on snowboarding by landing the first 1440 in a Slopestyle competition, something I can't recall having been duplicated. Chas's footprint on snowboarding is bigger than the jump line though, he has won railjams, competed in half-pipe, and taken the time to get a few shots in various snowboard films by Standard. Chas has proven to be fearless, and a constant podium threat, so it should be fun to see what he brings to Breckenridge on December 17th for the Winter Dew Tour's first stop.

Chas Guldemond – Getting some big air at the Winter Dew Tour 08/09

Nick Lipton: Winter Dew Tour is just around the corner, are you excited about it, and do you think we'll see you at all three events? Chas Guldemond: I'm pretty excited about it, I'm definitely going to try to make it for all three.

You were the first rider to land a 1440 in a Slopestyle competition, when was that, and are you still the only guy to land that trick in a comp?

CG: The year before last year, in Vail, and I don't think anyone has done it again but someone may have. I guess a guy did a 1620, it's another 180, and he did that, and that was last spring.

Do you have any surprises for the upcoming contest season?

CG: Well you know how the whole double-cork scene has gotten all crazy and what not right? Well my outlook or view might be a little bit different. I spin a little bit more flat and don't consider all my stuff double corked, so I just have my own way of spinning, big spins you know, and I want to reinforce that that's still cool. The big stuff, that's what I like to throw down. I'm entering that whole double-cork madness but in my own way.

You're known for big tricks off of big jumps, is that your natural style or something you save for contests?

CG: I try to be strong and powerful in my riding.

Are you still into railjams, or are you just into Slopestyle these days?

CG: Um, well I had the winning combination a couple years back for the railjams, but it's evolved a lot since then. Doing all the Slopestyle contests, and backcountry, I haven't had the time to work on that technical rail stuff that's hot right now, so I might lay off the rail stuff for a minute, but if it's the right situation and good rails then I'm always down to do them. Just kinda depends.

Chas’s Showing his slopstyle skils in Breckenridge

Who is your biggest competition?

CG: There is a lot of good riding out there right now, but I'd say at the top, well not the top, but my toughest competition is Sebastien Toutant, he's on fire right now, so he's on the top of the list for somebody to watch out for.

Are you filming this winter?

CG: Not sure yet. I haven't mapped that out, but I definitely plan on getting some shots and having them somewhere with like Standard or what not.

Do the 1440's, 1260's, and 1080's ever get you dizzy or disoriented?

CG: Um, it comes with time and practice you know, you get used to it. I can spin my head and keep with it, but sometimes you get dizzy for sure.

Chas Guldemond – Catching the events at Winter Dew Tour 08/09

Chas Guldemond – Slopestyle at Breckenridge 2008

Chas’s Slopestyle Run From Winter Dew Tour 08/09


Chas’s 3rd Place Run From The Toyota Championships 2009