Tahoe local and snowboard slopestyle competitor, Bev Vuilleumier, was riding with two of her buddies when we caught her on the lift. They were laughing about the jump they built the night before in a friend’s back yard. There was some kind of "had to be there" back story about Bev backflipping off the jump, but any outsider could have appreciated the conversation for the "chick doing backflips off a jump" aspect alone. She's still hanging out with her non-pro buds, even in the mix of preparing for competition.

"There's all these tight little crews," she says, "I love my friends here. We have fun".

Bev grew up in Arnold, California, riding a tiny mountain called Fair Valley up until three years ago when she moved to Tahoe to snowboard.

Bev's favorite trick? "Backside 7's are pretty fun".

Bev didn't do as well as she would have liked in this weekend’s Winter Dew Tour competitions, but still remained positive.

"It's good to see girls stepping it up, cause that's what happened yesterday; everyone threw down a good run. You had to lean on your sickest run to get into finals, and on my sickest run, I fell. Kind of disappointing but this is my first year competing in the bigger competitions. I'm learning. I was scared on that first jump, but I'm glad I tried it”.

“It's so cool to do what you love, hang out with your best friends and travel the world. I still can't really believe it.”

Next up for Bev is a trip to Hawaii to snowboard. She’s hiking up the big mountain where there’s some snow, but also plans on taking a few days to lay on the beach and surf: ” I need to get tan”.