By Chad Kagy

Here’s a photo journal for the Nitro Circus Live Tour I’m on going through Australia right now. It’s a tour consisting of five weekends in the five capital cities across Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne) starting May 1 and then home on June 7. We just arrived in Perth yesterday and have one show here and then on to the next stop.

Next on the agenda is a day of practice and then a packed Saturday night show here in Perth. A day off on Sunday to go scuba diving and lounging (recovering) before flying to Adelaide for two more shows next week. I’m really looking forward to the next few stops. We always have fun things planned in each city and I’ve lined up getting my skydiving license at a drop zone down there through the Karnage Krew so I’ll get to jump a bunch of time with the Nitro Crew that gets to jump all the time. Always good to learn new things and get outside your comfort zone


This is our arrival in Brisbane and the first time the crew got together in Australia.



It’s amusing picking up our stuff at the airport since almost all the bags are Ogio. Normally I can see my bag from across the room since it’s bright orange but with this crew there’s a few of them. Easy to spot us and our bags anywhere we go.



This is the little moto home the Nitro crew steps out of during te show for their intro



The ramps are set at 32′ and 50′ but both of them can be adjusted to be 8′ longer so we can have the ramps set at 40′ and 58′. It just depends on what part of the show to determine what length since sometimes the guys are jumping body boards, roller skis and even a cooler on wheels



Stevie McCann warming up on the "giganta ramp" as it's called in the Nitro Show



Getting ready to roll out for the first live show in Brisbane.



We rolled out to Sydney after Brisbane and the first trip we did was take the ferry to downtown to see the sights.



We went to the big Aquarium looking for Nemo and Marlin. We found them and a cool walkway under the shark tank too



We stayed in some very nice apartments for the week in Sydney. Not close to the city and more like the ghetto but we had a nice view out of the balcony. Mornings got chilly from the ocean breeze.



A huge surprise in Sydney was running into Gary and Brandon Ream on their way to the Alli Best Trick and Woodward Beijing grand opening. Sometimes it feels like such a small world.



Brandon Ream and Dov Ribnik (Nitro Circus Live tour manager)



Travis Pastrana was doing some really cool tricks in practice like this superman flip.



Cam McCaul is an amazing freeride mountain bike rider throwing some good stuff on the ramp. He knocks out superman seat grabs like this all the time and by far has the best 360s out of everyone riding this thing.



Jake Brown has been using our practice sessions to learn new stuff like this flip on the 50′ side.



We spend a morning jumping out of an airplane, such a good time and they were so good to us. The Karnage Krew from Sydney Skydivers are amazing people and will take great care of you if you have the chance to head out there to their drop zone.



Gregg Godfrey (one of the brains behind Nitro Circus) and myself at a Rugby game. They let the crowd onto the field after the game and the kids go nuts out there. It rules until people start getting tackled in the mud and upset about it… I wonder who would do something like that. Ha ha.

My leg is almost done healing from crashing a double backflip on the 40' ramp and stabbing my bars into my thigh. It wrapped all the way around my leg with good coloring and went from the top of my shin most of the way up my thigh. Good times have consequences on occasion. Glad it wasn’t worse.

Last day in Sydney and we all had a good mellow day in the city and finished the evening by having dinner on top of the Sydney Tower that's behind me. 360 Restaurant spins around while you eat dinner to change the view and see the whole city.

We arrived in our third city, Perth, to warm Western Australia weather and went to the beach to get a little sun since you can see we all need it (except special Greg who is always tan).

Wheels (Aaron Fotheringham) took a break from his wheelchair to get on a giant sled and get towed through the dunes behind a Hummer H1. Shortly after this I got to ride in the race Hummer that has 750HP jumping through the dunes and carving around the bowls. I was in the truck so I couldn’t take any photos of it.