Ever watch a Mega Ramp competition and think to yourself, "How on earth did someone come up with the idea to ride something that massive?" Well, wonder no longer, because all this weekend, ESPN has the answer for you.

The Birth of Big Air, a movie featuring BMX Godfather Mat “The Condor” Hoffman, made its television debut last night ESPN.

Produced by VBS's own Johnny Knoxville and Spike Jonze and directed by Jeff Tremaine, The Birth of Big Air gives viewers a blow-by-blow account of the history of BMX and how Hoffman helped push the sport from its humble beginnings to what it is today. Displaying Hoffman's constant pursuit of "What's next," The Birth of Big Air will showcase the inner workings and exploits of the man who gave birth to just that – "Big Air."

In case you missed it last night, there are still plenty of chances to catch The Birth of Big Air over the weekend. Check out the schedule below.

Saturday, July 31 at 3am on ESPN 2
Saturday, July 31 at 12pm on ESPN 2
Saturday, July 31 at 1pm on ESPN U
Sunday, Aug. 1 at 8am on ESPN U
**All times are Eastern**

VBS and Mr. Knoxville also caught up with The Condor a few years prior to the film’s debut, and this is what they created: