Skate legend Steve Caballero, backyard bowl shredder Bucky Lasek and all around ripper Ben Hatchell joined a stacked roster for the Dew Tour’s first bowl contest in Ocean City. We got their opinions about the first-of-it’s-kind portable concrete bowl, so check out some shots and thoughts below.

Steve Caballero, backside air

“I think that this new element of the bowl is representing the bowl skaters and the bowl terrain at its legitimacy, as far as pool coping, all cement and not having any street element to it. That's what I like about it. It flows really well. Chris Miller designed a really good bowl and I think everyone's enjoying it.” – Cab

Ben Hatchell, frontside blunt

“I think it's really good. I didn't even know it was temporary when I saw it, I thought it was just a bunch of wasted concrete. So if I couldn't tell, it must be pretty good.” -Hatchell

Daniel Cardone, backside air

“The bowl is really good and I've been enjoying skating it. It's the first time that I heard about a bowl that you can actually pull apart and transport to Portland. It's hard to believe for me, I never actually heard about this kind of thing. It's amazing!” -Cardone

Ben Raybourn, invert revert

“It's a good bowl and everybody is skating it well. I like that it’s not all vert and it's different sizes. I think it's cool to have bowl in Dew Tour because that's a pretty thriving part of skateboarding right now.” -Raybourn

Bucky Lasek, 540

“This bowl totally blows me away that it's portable and the fact that they have it on the beach is amazing. It totally skates like a permanent bowl. It doesn't feel like it's a portable structure. I think it also shows that the Dew Tour is stepping it up and really looking at where our sport is going, the future of the sport and progression. Bowl skating is definitely where it's going.” – Bucky

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