The high from making a fakie to fakie 900 on his personal mega ramp a little over a week ago must still be lingering as Bob Burnquist grabbed the top spot in the vert prelims at the Toyota Challenge. Skating in a stacked heat that saw five of the eight skaters advancing to the finals on Sunday, Bob skated flawlessly scoring a 82.50 on his first run and upping it to a 87.50 on his second run with his signature switch trickery. Shaun White briefly took the lead in the heat on his first run with a 720 and a huge heelflip 540. He scored an 86.50, which was his best run, and good enough for second place in the heat and in the prelims. 

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Alex Perelson continued his momentum from making his first final of the year in Portland and stomped his first run with his usual massive aerial attack and was rewarded with an 84.25 putting him in the third spot. Certainly no stranger to the finals Sandro Dias flew into the fourth spot of the prelims blasting the entire ramp and pulling his Gnar Jar at the end of his first run scoring an 83.75. Fellow Brazilian Marcelo Bastos impressed the judges with his array of 540 variations making his third final of the year with an 81.75. 

Germany's Juergen Horrwarth made his first final of the Dew Tour after coming close in his previous attempts. Besting his first run with an 80.25, his second run had amplitude, technical flip tricks and spins, just the things that will get you into the finals. Rounding out the seven qualifiers was Adam Taylor. Skating in the first stacked heat, Adam sat through the second heat hoping his 79.75 would be enough to squeak through. With only a very capable Perdo Barros left that could knock him out, Adam thought it might be a repeat of Portland where Bastos knocked him out on his final run. That was not the case here in Salt Lake though and a fall on Pedro's final run sent Adam back to his second finals of the year.


1. Bob Burnquist, 87.50
2. Shaun White, 86.50
3. Alex Perelson, 84.25
4. Sandro Dias, 83.75
5. Marcelo Bastos, 81.75

To see the full results click here and for tickets to Sunday's final click here.