Bucky Lasek held his fourth annual Bowl-B-Q event over this past weekend, and as usual it was a great turnout with tons of interesting “characters” ripping the bowl. Everyone from Captain Jack Sparrow (Bucky Lasek), to Chicken Little (Zach Miller) was present in addition to some no-name costume wearers including PLG as a indian chief, Andy MacDonald as a Misfits’ skeleton and Tom Schaar dressed in a red jumpsuit spinning into a blur. Although it was a gathering of friends for a good time, it wasn’t all smiths and giggles. At the day’s end the overall ripper award went to went to Darin “Cookiehead” Jenkins in the form of a Ken Block RC car while the costume contest went to Captain Jack Sparrow who also took the top spot in the bowl slalom race. Check out the Ride Channel’s recap video below and watch all the madness and mayhem that went down.