Bucky Lasek does it again after qualifying first for the second time in the Skate Bowl contest. Demonstrating his fluid style and impressive skills, Lasek made the bowl look small with a wide range of tricks from a frontside 540 in the corner, a frontside boneless, McTwist and backside tailslide into the deep end. On Sunday, he'll look to upset defending Ocean City Skate Bowl champion Pedro Barros in the 10-man final.
The following nine skaters will advance to Sunday's finals, in addition to Barros.
1. Bucky Lasek – 85.00
2. Benjamin Galloway – 80.25
3. Ben Hatchell – 79.75
4. Andy Macdonald – 79.50
5. Willis Kimbel – 79.00
6. Mason Merlino – 78.75
7. Ben Raybourn – 78.50
8. Brad Mcclain – 78.00
9. Sandro Dias – 78.00

Click for the full results from skate bowl Semi-Finals.

Bucky Lasek – 1st Place

Benjamin Galloway – 2nd Place

Ben Hatchell – 3rd Place

Andy Macdonald – 4th Place

Willis Kimbel – 5th Place

Mason Merlino – 6th Place

Ben Raybourn – 7th Place

Brad Mcclain – 8th Place

Sandro Dias – 9th Place

Crowd Shots

Bowl Legends – Steve Alba, Lance Mountain, Chris Miller, Steve Caballero, Sergie Ventura

Bob Burnquist watching bowl