Bucky Lasek does it again in Barcelona, Spain for X Games Vert earning his second gold in 2013, not to mention his win just last week at the Vans Pool Party – Bucky is on a tear right now! With an alley-oop frontside heelflip indy, a fakie to fakie 540 and a boneless 540 as just a few highlights from his run, Bucky was showcasing his technical skills and everything was on point. Marcelos Bastos took home second on the vert ramp after landing a frontside 5-0 revert off the top of a goal post during his lip trick best trick section, as well as some of his best runs to date during his run section on the ramp. Rounding out the podium, Mitchie Brusco laid down probably the smoothest 900 of his life, but it wasn’t quite enough to take the young gun into first, but it did allow for him to become the youngest competitor to medal in X Games Vert – congrats Mitchie! For more information on how the competition unfolded visit the recap article on XGames.com, but before you go check out Bucky’s best run and the results posted below.


1st Place – Bucky Lasek 88.75

2nd Place – Marcelos Bastos 87.58

3rd Place – Mitchie Brusco 87.37

4th Place – Andy Macdonald 84.91

5th Place – Pierre-Luc Gagnon 84.91

6th Place – Danny Mayer 80.99

7th Place – Sandro Dias 63.99

8th Place – Rony Gomes 63.57