With the Igacu Falls of Brazil as the backdrop to the Vert event, Bucky Lasek bested the Brazilian competition today at X Games, but just barely. With both Sandro Dias, second place, and Macelos Bastos, third place, coming in hot on his heels for their home country finishes, Lasek had fortunately locked himself into a position early that could not be topped. On a side note, Bob Burnquist had a slip up in an early round of the finals and was unable to put down a trick in order to go on – hence the 0.25 score. Check out Bucky on the ramp in the video, the results below and for more information read the recap article posted on XGames.com.


1st Place – Bucky Lasek 91.16

2nd Place –  Sandro Dias 86.99

3rd Place – Marcelo Bastos 86.16

4th Place – Andy Macdonald 85.66

5th Place – Danny Mayer 81.74

6th Place – Tom Schaar 78.24

7th Place – Pierre-Luc Gagnon 74.49

8th Place – Bob Burnquist 0.25