Today was a great day for Md native Bucky Lasek. After taking first in bowl Semi-Finals he did it again at the Vert Semi-Finals. He was dialed in for his runs and threw a frontside gay twist tail grab, a backside 360 tail grab to fakie into a fakie to fakie 540 frontside gay twist to stalegrab.

Lasek will compete against Shaun White, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Andy MacDonald and the skaters listed below in the skate vert finals Sunday at 4:30p.m.

1. Bucky Lasek – 83.25
2. Sandro Dias – 83.25
3. Adam Taylor – 82.75
4. Mitchie Brusco – 82.25
5. Alex Perelson – 81.00
6. Ronaldo Gomes – 81.00
7. Pedro Barros – 79.50

For the full list of Skateboard Vert results, click here

 Buckey Lasek – 1st Place

Sandro Dias – 2nd Place

Adam Taylor – 3rd Place

Mitchi Brusco – 4th Place

Alex Perelson – 5th Place

Ronaldo Gomes – 6th Place

Pedro Barros – 7th Place