It was a heated BMX Dirt final at the Dew Tour’s Toyota Challenge, with the lead changing hands between Josh Hult, Brandon Dosch and Dennis Enarson in the first round. Highlights included Hult’s double tailwhip in one direction and another double in the opposite direction, Dosch’s 720 over the last set and Enarson’s suicide double truckdriver.

The contest got more intense and by the end of the second runs, it was defending Dew Cup champ Dosch who had taken over the lead with a double whip over the first set, a turndown across the gap and an opposite 720 in his run. Brett Banasiewicz was sitting in third at the end of that round after getting the highest scored run of the night with a 360 down the bomb drop into a no handed frontflip clap to on the first set, a 720, a double tailwhip and a cash roll to finish things off. He clipped his pedal in his first run and it was obvious he got his rhythm going for the second.

Kyle Baldock – Run 3


The final round saw Mike Clark put in a blazing run with a 360 nosedive to start, a front flip over the long and low triple, a triple tailwhip and a truckdriver to X up that bumped him from 11th to 4th at the time. Everyone was stepping things up and when it came time for Banasiewicz to ride, his barspin in, 720 over the first set and huge extension on a no handed front flip let him take the lead away from Dosch.

Dosch went for broke trying to take back that lead, but he went down on the first set and his chances were crushed. Kyle Baldock was up next, and after throwing double back flips to start and adding bangers in each run, he wasn’t able to put it all together to impress the judges. That left Enarson as the final rider to go and the only one with a shot to switch up the podium. With his barspin to barspin back to no hander mid run it landed him in second with 91.57 and bumped Dosch to third with his 91.50.

Brett Banasiewicz – Winning Run


That meant Banasiewicz walked away with his first dirt win of the season. His average score of 92.31 earned him his first spot on the dirt podium this year after finishing second overall last season.

“I was so determined to land my second run, and after that I knew it was smooth sailing and I just had to get in one more, and I’m glad I did. I got some redemption to do in Vegas so hopefully I’ll take home the Cup.”

After tonights event, Enarson has the top spot overall in the season standings, with 190 points heading into the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas. Banasiewicz is in second with 168 points, trailed by Dosch with 164. So next month it’s on between these guys to see who will go home with the Cup.

Click the link for full results from the BMX Dirt Finals.

Brett Banasiewicz – 1st Place – Cash Roll

Dennis Enarson – 2nd Place

Brandon Dosch – 3rd Place – Whip

Jaie Toohey – 4th Place – Front Flip

Ben Wallace – 5th Place

Josh Hult – 6th Place

Colton Satterfield – 7th Place

Mike Clark – 8th Place

Gary Young – 9th Place

Cameron White – 10th Place – Front Flip

Kyle Baldock – 11th Place – Double Whip

Nate Berkheimer – 12th Place – turndown

TJ and Fuzzy

Brandon Dosch

Brett Fans