The BMX Park Finals at the Dew Tour Pantech Beach Champion ship left everyone guessing right up until final moments as to who would take the park title.

Serious BMX riding spread a contagious energy that throughout Ocean City during BMX Park Finals. Scotty Cranmer qualified first going into today's final and held nothing back as he sent a double tailwhip down the big step-down, a flip double whip over the hitching post and a big front flip no hander over the box. "I tried to go for big tricks, keep true to my BMX roots and pay homage to all of the great riders before me," said Scotty.

Kyle Baldock came into today's finals looking to throw it all on the line and that he did sending a bunnyhop double tailwhip drop-in, 720 barspin over the spine as well as a 900. Those tricks don't come easy and Baldock knows all too well the type of dedication it takes to ride at that level. "This is the best park course I have ever seen the Dew Tour have and I wish I could have this in my backyard" said Baldock.

The man of the hour was Brett Banasiewicz. If there was anyone that deserved to win it was the young gun from South Bend Indiana. He has put in the work it takes to be on top of his game and send some of the biggest tricks of the weekend including a cash roll down the step-down, a 360 triple tailwhip and a huge front flip no-hander up the big step-up. Brett explained his strategy like this, "I wanted to ride my third run hard because I kind of knew that Scotty wasn't going to take his final run, but I didn't want to take a chance and I just stayed on my bike as long as I could."

You could see the fatigue setting in on each rider as they pushed themselves to their limits and put on an amazing show for the crowd here in Maryland. Hat's off to every rider out there and congrats to Brett, Kyle and Scotty for really pushing the limits of BMX.

Check out the video highlights from the BMX Park Finals HERE, and be sure to check back shortly for a finals photo gallery posted on the top of this post.


1st Place – Brett Banasiewicz

2nd Place – Kyle Baldock

3rd Place – Scotty Cranmer

4th Place – Ryan Nyquist

5th Place – Daniel Sandoval

6th Place – Harry Main