Brett Banasiewicz, aka Mad Dog, made his way out of the hospital in Atlanta, Georgia to head to his home in South Bend, Indiana on Saturday. Following a horrific crash back on Aug. 23, Mad Dog was placed into a medically induced coma for a total of fifteen days to control the bleeding and swelling surrounding his brain. Fast-forward nearly three months and Mad Dog is back on his feet walking, talking and on his way home for the holidays. Although Mad Dog is once again out and about, there is still much work to be done with regard to physical therapy as well as a slew of hefty bills to pay. Below is a video of BMX pro Drew Bezanson thanking all those who participated in bicycle raffle through the Athlete Recovery Fund  to benefit Brett Banasiewicz. For information on how YOU can get involved and donate visit the Athlete Recovery Fund website, and for more information on his recent release from the hospital read the story posted on