Brett “Mad Dog” Banasiewicz has been a man on a mission since his injury back in August of 2012. His will and determination to come back stronger and better than before is nothing short of amazing.  Back in February Brett posted a heart felt piece to his Facebook outlining the scope of his injury and his recovery goals. Brett’s hard work has not only put him ahead of his doctors goals but ahead of his own personal goals, as well. Recently a video surfaced of Brett doing a flair onto resi that sent chills through our bodies. Watch the video that the Athlete Recovery Fund put out and read his Facebook post below. 


“Here, I’ve written a very descriptive essay about my injury, please.. Do enjoy.

Now that my brain and body are starting to heal I have been able to ask a lot of questions and learn how serious my injuries were from my crash in Virginia Beach last August. I remember nothing of the crash or even some things just before the crash, like winning the Dew Cup, although I have got back a lot of my old memories that evidently were foggy for me soon after waking up from my coma. I now know that there were multiple injuries and bleeding in my brain, my brain even shifted from the swelling, affecting a lot of things, like controlling my body temperature, my short term memory, my moods, my ability to focus, my eyes, my ability to swallow, nerves that control my facial muscles & tongue, and even how I sleep and dream. I also do not remember much from the past 5 months, although some things I can be reminded of or shown pictures and the memory comes back like an ah-ha moment. I have always known who I am and who all my family & friends are, so I did not have to relearn that! Because they had to intubate(which actually means I died) me in the ambulance (shove a tube down my throat into my lungs) because I stopped breathing my throat and vocal cords were damaged along with muscles and nerves, and the biggest reason why I can't talk like I use to yet. My brain injuries have also slowed my ability to talk, but as everything heals and I bust my ass in therapy my voice is starting to come back. I also have learned that I split my left eyebrow open and possibly damaged the area that controls my left eye, and I am now wearing glasses(stunna shades)and doing therapy to strengthen my eyes and ability to track things. I damaged my liver, which was treated with medication for a long time. I damaged my right lung. I damaged my spine in my neck. I got a staph infection and sinus infection from the hospital. I had a lot of bad reactions to medications I was put on. But I am happy to say I am healing. The swelling in my brain has gone down to almost normal levels now. I have had surgery on my vocal cords and I am about to have more done. I am getting stronger every day. My left side was temporarily paralyzed but I can fully use now although I am still weak. I am walking, even running, boxing, throwing, lifting weights, working on my balance and coordination. My mind is strong and getting back to what I was both physically & mentally before the crash and right now that is all I care about. I want to be back on my bike but I can't yet, not the way I want to ride, but it is coming. I have a long road ahead. The doctors told my dad and trainer it would take 2 years for me to be me again, it would be 6 months before I could even think about walking by myself and it would be at least 9-10 months before I could talk. Well I am here to tell you I am showing the doctors how it is done, I was walking at 3 months, said my first words at 3 months, and sure not going to take me 2 years to come back! I just need you all too understand all of this is frustrating for me. I want to talk and ride more than anything and I am busting my ass to make it happen with some great therapists, family & friends here with me. Please don't ask if I will ever ride again, because I know if there is anyone who can do this it will be me, I just can't say when that will happen, but I am telling you it will.”