Breckenridge is officially back in business this Friday, and with the mountain opening its facilities the photo flood is sure to follow as well as the hype around this year’s Dew Tour iON Mountain Championships! For the last five years the Dew Tour has incorporated the runs at Breckenridge as an integral part of earning a Dew Cup, but this year Breckenridge will serve as the one hitter quitter with regard to Dew Tour snow competitions making for an all-or-nothing display of talent.

Gjermund Braaten sending one at the 2011 Breckenridge stop of the Dew Tour

Last year Dew Tour worked with Breckenridge to incorporate a slopestyle obstacle designed by its social media followers submitted through Breckenridge’s Facebook page. This year they brought it back due to not only great user engagement but for the fresh ideas in order to make the absolute best course. As you can see below, the obstacle’s design allows for a variety of lines for the rider to choose. Although it is a little hard to see, the wallride is slightly curved with a ‘C’ shape so riders can lock onto it before popping out.

The 2012 obstacle was designed by Michael Funk

Everyone should do what they can to get out and support Breckenridge during its opening weekend while also getting prepared for Dew Tour’s takeover as part of the iON Mountain Championships! If you have never been to Breckenridge before check out the ‘Welcome to Breck Nation’ video below for your official invitation to ride – “Once you visit, you’re a local.”