Bradley Secor

As the schedule turned to July, the contest at Jaycee brought us temperatures nearly as high as the caliber of talent that resides in Pro Town USA. In spite of the heat, the BMXers in attendance put on a great contest.

BMX Park

Even as the temperature topped the 100 degree mark, the kids weren't deterred from competing. Seventeen-year-old Bradley Secor really shined, getting higher than everyone else with tricks like flairs, slow whips, and a bar to tuck. Bradley took home the victory and one of the 3 automatic qualifier spots into Finals.

Bradley Secor

"I'm glad I won," Bradley said after the contest, "and I'm glad I was able to beat the heat."

Before the contest started, Justin Dowell, just 12 years of age, was trying to decide if he wanted to compete in the Junior Jam or the Open Division. In what turned out to be the right move, he went ahead and entered the Open Division. Justin was the top qualifier in the first round of competition, edging out his older brother Ryan, then he kept right on rolling in the final round, landing a backflip, a backflip E.T., and a truck driver. Justin finished in 2nd, while Ryan landed just outside the podium in 4th.

Justin Dowell

Riding strong in the heat, 3rd-place finisher Logan Place put down a big toboggan, nac nac to can can, and a tire grab.  Logan, who joked that he knew he would "place" because it was in his name, will join Bradley and Justin in the Finals next month in Ocean City.

Logan Place

Junior Jam

In the 13 & under division, the Junior Jammers were destroying it.  It was hard enough just hanging out in that heat, but to be pushing as hard as these kids were is really impressive.  Having a lot of fun out there and putting down some big tricks in his run, Nick Logan walked away with the top honors.  Throwing down a tuck no-hander, a 360 E.T., and a toboggan, the 13-year-old showed that he's definitely ready to up his game and compete in the Open Division next year.

Nick Logan


  BMX Park Junior Jam
1. Bradley Secor Nick Logan
2. Justin Dowell Mike Hoffman
3. Logan Place Joseph Lee
4. Ryan Dowell Dylan Delese
5. Dylan Potter Jacob Lee