It was a battle in the bowl between 38-year-old Bucky Lasek and 16-year-old Pedro Barros, but in the end it was Bucky’s combos that won out over Barros’ fast lines and massive transfers.

Bucky was riding well in the finals, but once he advanced to the five-man superfinals he really got his rhythm going.

"Earlier I was real shaky and I think I was a little too antsy and hustling a little too much and missing my pump and missing my snap," Bucky said. "So I think in the superfinal I was able to calm down and do the tricks I wanted to do and do the lines I wanted to do and it all came together."

His winning combo came in his fourth and final run when he pulled a frontside bluntslide out of the deep and into the shallow and then frontside grind back into the deep then Mctwist into a backside lipslide out of the deep into the shallow. He kept it going with a backside tailslide out of the shallow back into the deep.
For Barros, his signature hard charging style with huge 540s and high speed runs really set the bar. Lasek finished with a score of 87.26 to Barros' 85.26.

"Bucky stepped it up and he skated really good," Barros said. "If I had a couple more runs, maybe I could have pulled off a run that would actually make a difference."

Macdonald pulled it all together in his final run of the superjam to take third with 83.13 and bump Ben Hatchell into fourth (81.51) after they were having their own battle for placement throughout the event.

"Literally, I was dropping in for my last run, and I had just watched Ben and I was thinking his run was probably going to bump me," Macdonald said. "And as I was carving into the first corner of my run, I heard that I got bumped into fourth. I knew dropping in I had to step it up. This was my last chance."

Macdonald had to settle for fourth at last month's bowl event in Ocean City when Hatchell earned the final spot on the podium, but here in Portland he pulled through with an amazing three-wall combo. He landed a kickflip indy into a body varial 540 into a lien varial disaster, and was able to finish the final trick right at the buzzer.

Other highlights from the Dew Tour's second skate bowl event was the Team Padless crew on the sidelines cheering on Hatchell as he landed everything from his backside 540 transfer to frontside 540 mute. It was back-to-back-to-back tricks for Hatchell in his second Dew Tour appearance.

Portland local Willis Kimbel finished fifth after leading his final heat at one point and advancing to the superfinal with fast smith grinds around the corner, a one-footed grind, solid lip tricks and speed carves to big tricks on every run.

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Skateboard Bowl Overview

Bucky Lasek – 1st Place

Pedro Barros – 2nd Place

Andy Macdonald – 3rd Place

Ben Hatchell – 4th Place

Willis Kimbel – 5th Place

Sandro Dias – 6th Place

Mason Merlino – 7th Place

Brad Mcclain -8th Place

Benji Galloway – 9th Place

Ben Raybourn – 10th Place

Bucky Lasek

Skate Bowl Finals Podium