With the snow falling in Killington, Bobby Brown started off Saturday morning right with a win in the ski slope semi finals. After some concerns about high winds Friday afternoon, slope action was postponed until today, leaving many competitors chomping at the bit to make Sunday’s finals. Brown wasted no time starting off a technical rail section with a 270 on, backside 360 switchup 270 out followed by a misty flip 450 off the cannon box, into a switch left bio 9 mute, right cork 10 mute, and a left cork 10 off tail to score a 89.67 on his first run. Dane Tudor (83.50) and Russ Henshaw (82.50) finished second and third respectively. The top eleven men will advance to Sunday’s finals to try to unseat current points leader Tom Wallisch. 


1 Bobby Brown 89.67
2 Dane Tudor 83.50
3 Russ Henshaw 82.50
4 Alex Beaulieu-Marchand 82.17
5 Henrik Harlaut 80.83
6 Sammy Carlson 79.67
7 Alex Bellemare 79.00
8 Philip Casabon 78.50
9 Chris Logan 78.00
10 JF Houle 77.50
11 Andreas Hatveit 77.00

Bobby Brown

Dane Tudor

Russ Henshaw Alex Beaulieu-Marchand

Henrik Harlaut
Sammy Carlson Alex Bellemare

Phil Casabon
Chris Logan

JF Houle
Andreas Hatveit