Bob Burnquist does it again in Barcelona, Spain earning yet another gold medal on the MegaRamp Big Air competition – this win ties Burnquist with professional BMX rider Dave Mirra for the most X Games gold medals to date. With tricks like a body varial late backside 180 and fakie to fakie 720 more than 20 feet above coping, his technicality and amplitude carried him to the top of the podium once again.With each stop of the MegaRamp Big Air event comes a slew of new tricks that always leaves the crowd wanting more. For the first time in his young career, 16-year-old Mitchie Brusco laid down a perfectly executed fakie to regular 1080 following a backside flip indy over the gap – making him the second person to ever land the trick and unquestionably the best combination run done on the MegaRamp. Rounding out the podium was Elliot Sloan who threw a tailgrab 720 over the gap and nearly landed a 900 tailgrab on the quarterpipe, Sloan was landing tricks left and right but just couldn’t surpass the madness that was Big Air at X Games Barcelona. For more information on how the scores were broken down check out, but first check out the results and Bob’s wining run below!


1st Place – Bob Burnquist 93.1

2nd Place – Mitchie Brusco 90.99

3rd Place – Elliot Sloan 90.83

4th Place – Tom Schaar 90.00

5th Place – Jake Brown 78.99

6th Place – Jagger Eaton 59.49

7th Place – Edgard Pereira 58.66

8th Place – Italo Penarrubia 41.83