The Vert ramp on the beach in Ocean City was slayed by the best in BMX during Finals Round 1. The top six from this round consisting of 11 will meet again tomorrow for a final battle to take it all.

The best score from the Finals Round 1 was 89.75 and was earned by both Simon Tabron and Jamie Bestwick. Neither rider was holding back and it was evident from their flares, whips and overall huge air. The highest scoring run went to Tabron, who stomped a tabletop 540, an alley-oop 540, a cancan x-up and a flair. Following the tie for lead was Chad Kagy who was cheered on by the crowds in the bleachers and on the sand as he threw some of his signature moves with speed and style on every wall.

The top six riders from today’s Finals Round 1 will return to the ramp tomorrow liv on NBC Sports Network at 7:30pm ET. Check back shortly for photos of all the Vert action in the sand. If you can’t wait, watch the live webcast HERE and check out the highlights from Finals Round 1.

1. Simon Tabron  – 89.75

2. Jamie Bestwick – 89.75

3. Chad Kagy – 89.13

4. Vince Byron – 88.88

5. Francisco Zurtia – 88.38

6. Steven McCann – 87.75