Brett Banasiewicz takes the top spot at the BMX Park prelims. 

The BMX Park Prelim took place this afternoon under the hot Ocean City sun. Brett Banasiewicz impressed the judges with his consistency through all his rides and took the top spot with a final score of 92.50.  Patrick Casey came in right behind Brett with a score of 91.75. Drew Bezanson rounded out the top three. The judges commented that Drew's, "270 truck off the sub-wall was his best trick from today's prelim." Out of the 26 riders the top 11 have advanced to tomorrow's semi-final where they will join Dew Cup winner Scotty Cramner. Please find the top 11 below.

1.      Brett Banasiewicz 92.50

2.      Patrick Casey 91.75

3.      Drew Bezanson 91.50

4.      Harry Main 90.63

5.      Daniel Sandoval 89.63

6.      Kyle Baldock 89.50

7.      Ryan Nyquist 89.38

8.      Gary Young 88.88

9.      Garrett Reynolds 88.38

10.  Chad Kerley 88.38

11.  Andrew Buckworth 88.25